How to Maintain Historical Integrity During a Historic Home Renovation

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Honor the Past and Embrace the Future with Kansas City’s Leading Historic Home Renovation Company

If you’re the owner of an older house, then you know its fixtures and finishes are particularly special. These design elements give your property undeniable character and can even affect its value. When you remove or cover up architecturally significant materials, you’re left with a home that doesn’t have the same appeal it once did.

However, just like anything else, a house requires maintenance and updates to continue serving the evolving needs of those who live there. So, the question becomes, “How do I honor the history of my home, while making it functional and comfortable for modern living?”

This is exactly what we specialize in at Architectural Craftsmen. Our historic home renovation company works on 1940s and older properties, bringing them into the 21st century without erasing the period-appropriate details that make them so unique and highly sought after.

Our team has years of experience completing historic home renovations in Kansas City and understands what it takes to create a new, yet authentic design. In this blog, we’re sharing what homeowners should know about preserving historical integrity during a remodeling project.

Do Your Research Ahead of Your Historic Home Renovation

It’s a good idea to read up on your home’s architectural style before beginning any kind of renovation work. There are plethora of online resources that can shed light on the period features you should make a point to keep. After all, a Victorian home wouldn’t be Victorian without its high ceilings, ornate trim work, and decorative fireplaces. Similarly, a Tudor is distinguished by its hand-hewn half-timbering, elegant masonry, and arched doorways. Design elements like these are what make old houses the one-of-a-kind structures they are.

You can also seek help from your local historic preservation office or historic home renovation company. These professionals have area-specific architectural knowledge and can provide insight on what parts of your property are important to local history.

By identifying which characteristics should be protected, you can maintain the value of your property, while updating it with modern conveniences.

Select Period-Appropriate Materials for Your Historic Home Renovation

No matter what style of home you own, it’s crucial that the new materials you choose reflect the time period in which your property was built. For instance, Craftsman homes pay homage to the surrounding landscape and feature natural materials, including wood, brick, and stone. Synthetic materials, like vinyl and laminate, would look out of place and take away the charm associated with these properties.

An experienced historic home renovation company will be connected to industry suppliers and can help source the necessary materials for your project. Some materials may be more difficult to find than others, especially when an original piece is beyond repair. In these cases, you’ll need an expert who can recreate it.

The Architectural Craftsmen team is well versed in historic construction methods and replicates antique details with the utmost precision and care. Certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry, our specialists meet and exceed the highest standards for craftsmanship.

Partner with Professionals in Historic Home Renovation

Hiring the right remodeler is essential to upholding the historical integrity of your home. A general contractor likely won’t have the knowledge and skills to ensure a seamless integration between the new and the old.

Look for a company who specializes in historic home renovations and has a proven track record of successful projects. A reputable remodeler will have a portfolio with examples of their past work and can confidently speak about their processes for bringing older properties back to life.

Here are a few other things to consider as you look for the best partner for your historic home renovation in Kansas City.

  • Conduct background research and look at the types of properties a prospective remodeler has worked on in the past.
  • Meet with a company first to make sure you’re a good fit and agree on a vision.
  • Ask for references of homeowners who can vouch for the quality of the historic home renovation company’s work.
  • Cost is a factor in any home remodel, but it’s more important to focus on who has the expertise to accomplish your renovation goals.
  • You want a result that will stand the test of time, not one you’ll have to invest in again a few years later.

For Kansas City Historic Home Renovation, There’s Only One Choice

Architectural Craftsmen is Kansas City’s historic home renovation expert. Our remodeling team’s commitment to excellence makes us the top pick for homeowners wanting to update their old house without getting rid of the classic charm that made them fall in love with the property to begin with. Our combined expertise in architecture, design, and history primes us to realize gorgeous results that bring out the soul of our clients’ homes.

For more information about what we do and how we can help with your historic home renovation, call (913) 963-2246 or send us a message.