Our Historic Home Design and Construction Process

The Steps of a Historic Home Renovation with Architectural Craftsmen

Remodeling any home involves careful planning, preparation, and execution. But that’s even more important when you own a historic property. These classic beauties are time capsules for one-of-a-kind character and charm that isn’t easily replicated. That’s why it’s essential you choose a remodeler who specializes in historic homes.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Our Historic Home Design and Construction Process

Our process can be broken down into three phases: discovery, project development, and construction. Please note which of our historic home renovation steps are complimentary and which are a fee-based service.




Project Development

  1. We’ll schedule a two- to three-hour window to take measurements and photos to document your home’s as-built condition. This gives us the information we need to begin our three-step architectural design process:
    • We will come up with one, two, or maybe three different conceptual drawings to present to you. Together, you and our team will determine the best design; we may feel one is perfect, or we may incorporate ideas from all three. This is when we’ll start developing the design, and the second design payment will be due.
    • In the Design Development stage, we’ll begin fine tuning the specifics of your design, including fixtures and finishings, and calculate pricing in collaboration with trade partners, suppliers, and other entities to determine a project budget.
    • With the finalized design in place, we’ll complete the production drawings, which our team will use to execute your renovation. We’ll also develop a construction agreement based on your project’s specifications and plans. Your third and final design payment will be due.
  2. When you sign the construction agreement, you’ll make a construction deposit. This is also the time we’ll seek out municipality review and building permits, if needed.
  3. We’ll organize a preconstruction meeting with you, where we’ll review the project ground rules, project schedule, and selection schedule. During a separate selection meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to make your final material selections. From here, we can start the construction process.

Step 2 Project Development



Step 3 Construction

  1. When construction begins, your second contract payment is due. One of our certified lead carpenters will be on-site daily to manage your project’s progress, and our lead project manager will ensure everything stays on track and within budget.  
  2. You’ll have access to our online project management tool from start to finish, where you’ll find all our documents, photos, budget, and communications.
  3. Depending on your project’s schedule, you’ll have intermediate payments due as outlined in your signed construction agreement. 
  4. Near the end of your historic home renovation process, we’ll perform a final walk-through with you to determine a “punch list” of items that need our attention. We’ll complete these in time for a final inspection, which is when your final payment will be due.
  5. In addition to relevant product warranties, you’ll have a one-year warranty on all materials and workmanship following our historic home design and construction process.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Historic Home Design and Construction Process

At Architectural Craftsmen, we’re passionate about preserving 1940s-and-earlier properties, combining period-appropriate design and modern functionality for stunning and authentic results. We treat your house like a precious antique, delivering quality craftsmanship with future generations in mind.

Whether you’re looking for Tudor, Victorian, or Craftsman style home remodeling (or a completely different historic style), you need an experienced team you can trust. We understand your home’s unique style language and have developed a thorough architectural design process to ensure its distinctive details are highlighted, not erased.

Large-scale historic home projects are our specialty. From exterior remodels to whole-house overhauls, we’re able to handle any level of complexity your historic home brings. 

Because our business is focused on complete historic home renovations, we don’t provide handyman- or single-contractor services. Our clients can take advantage of add-on services as part of their project, but they aren’t offered à la carte.

As the owner of a historic house, you know no two properties are created equally. Just like every historic home is different, so is every historic home renovation. The cost of your remodel can vary widely because of factors including: 

  • Age and condition of your home 
  • Size and scope of your project
  • Materials you choose
  • Behind-the-walls work (plumbing, electrical, HVAC)
  • Timeline
  • And more

Our award-winning team is made up of both designers and builders dedicated to bringing out the soul of your historic home by honoring the unique architectural elements that make it so special. With NARI Certified Professionals on the Architectural Craftsmen team, you can be sure your home is in the best hands. 

Our trade partners are also well vetted, giving you peace of mind that your home will receive the care and respect it warrants throughout the architectural design process.

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