Additional Considerations For Old Home Renovation Projects

living room before and after renovation

Old Home Remodeling Requires Planning, Research, and Expert Knowledge. Here’s What to Look Into!

Remodeling an old home is a journey that combines the art of preservation with the science of modern construction. For homeowners in the Kansas City metro area, this process is not just about updating a living space, but about honoring the history and character that make your property unique.

If you’re planning a remodel, there are crucial factors to keep in mind when starting your journey. When selecting the right old home renovation contractors near you and understanding the intricacies of remodeling old homes, it’s important to consider everything that can contribute to your project’s success.

Let’s delve into the essential elements that can transform your historic home into a harmonious blend of history and contemporary living.

Selecting Period-Appropriate Materials for Your Old Home Renovation

No matter what style of home you own, it’s crucial that the new materials you choose reflect the time period in which your property was built. For instance, many historic homes pay homage to the surrounding landscape and feature natural materials, including wood, brick, and stone. Synthetic materials, like vinyl and laminate, can often look out of place and take away the charm associated with these properties.

  • An experienced old home remodeling company will understand the period-appropriate materials and architectural features that will work perfectly for your home.
  • An expert also can recreate your home’s former features using historic construction methods and replicate antique details with the utmost precision and care.

Understanding the Structural Obstacles

Homeowners who select “regular” contractors for their project may find that even their expert isn’t up-to-speed on the kinds of challenges they uncover during the remodeling process. An old home remodeling expert, however, can anticipate obstacles such as lead pipes, knob-and-tube wiring, lead paint, asbestos, and foundation issues that are all common discoveries during an old home renovation.

Historic home specialists know what to look for based on a home’s age, its past home remodeling history, condition, and architectural style. They build these obstacles into their budget and plan, so that if they uncover them, it won’t derail the process or the success of the project.

Doing Your Research Ahead of Your Old Home Renovation

It’s a good idea to read up on your home’s architectural style before beginning any kind of renovation work. There are plethora of online resources that can shed light on the period features you should make a point to keep. After all, a Victorian home wouldn’t be Victorian without its ornate trim work and decorative fireplaces. Similarly, a Tudor is distinguished by its hand-hewn half-timbering, elegant masonry, and arched doorways. Design elements like these are what make historic houses the one-of-a-kind structures they are.

You can also seek help from your local historic preservation office or an old home renovation contractor near you. These professionals have area-specific architectural knowledge and can provide insight on what parts of your property are important to local history.

By identifying which characteristics should be protected, you can maintain the value of your property, while updating it with modern conveniences.

Partnering With a Professional Old Home Remodeling Company

When you’re ready to get the ball rolling with your old home renovation, perhaps most importantly, look for a company who specializes in historic home renovations and has a proven track record of successful projects. Read their website and information, check out their reviews, and explore their portfolio of old home renovation before and after photos.

A reputable remodeler will have an extensive portfolio with examples of their past work and can confidently speak about their processes for honoring the stories of older homes while modernizing them for today’s families. A trustworthy and professional company will be happy to meet with you to ensure you’re a good fit and listen to goals to ensure they have the tools you need to bring your vision to life.