4 Signs You’re Ready For a Home Remodel

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Beauty or Function? Our Home Remodeling Contractors Near You Ask, “Why Choose?”

Owning a historic home means you get to enjoy its history and stunning architectural features. Unfortunately, living in a historic home can become difficult, as the way modern families live today is very different from the eras during which these older homes were built.

But when parts of your home don’t feel as functional as they could be for your family, or if your historic home seems more like a fixer-upper than a jewel, you might be ready to embark on a home remodel. To celebrate the story of your home while elevating its function and beauty, Architectural Craftsmen will work with you to identify your needs, and use our experience with historic home remodeling to refresh your living spaces and ensure the historical elements of your home remain.

If you’re ready to explore refreshing the living spaces in your historic home, here are 4 signs that the time might be right to pursue your home remodel this year.

1. You Have an Outdated or Impractical Kitchen

Our customers are often the most satisfied with their kitchens when they have the beautiful style and features they envision, while also meeting their functional, modern needs.

It is unlikely that kitchens from the 1940s or earlier properly accommodate modern appliances and equipment, or even the free flow of movement necessary in busy households.

One thing universal for both historic and modern kitchens is that they are considered the heart of the home. It’s where families gather to prepare meals, talk about their days, and spend quality family time. Without functional space for these activities and modern appliances, a kitchen doesn’t feel quite so valuable.

Choosing a historic kitchen remodel enhances the function and enjoyment of your home, without giving up the character and charm that you fell in love with. As historic home remodeling contractors, our job is to come up with creative solutions that marry your kitchen’s classic features with function and design.

2. Your Flooring Has Seen Better Days

Just like your kitchen, the ideal flooring for your historic home should be able to promise both function and traditional style so you can feel that your home works for you while looking like the house of your dreams at the same time.

Hardwood floors are incredibly durable and strong, but need some professional help if they are looking stained, dull, or broken. Hardwood floors can often be refinished by a professional, so you’re able to continue enjoying the same beautiful feature that is sometimes as old as the house itself.

Similarly, if your tiled floor is chipped, damaged, or missing pieces, it can affect the entire look of a space and the enjoyment of your home and finding a new flooring solution is an essential consideration in your decision to undergo a home remodeling in Kansas City.

If you’re looking to entirely replace an older floor, or switch up a modern style floor to match the historical aspects of your home, a floor remodel from a historic home remodeling contractor is an ideal solution. Our team at Architectural Craftsmen always consider the perfect flooring material that blends modern and historical features beautifully and explores matching designs, color, and texture to create a coherent and beautiful space.

3. You Need More Space

Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle with the decision to sell their family home and secure a larger space, or finding ways to function with less. This choice becomes especially complicated when you own a historic home and worry about the difficulties in adapting an older home to gain more functional space inside.

In many cases, the great news is that you don’t have to sell or compromise on less space – you might just be in need of a home remodel. Some historic home remodeling ideas that create more space include designing an addition, expanding an existing kitchen or bathroom, or designing and building up an outdoor space such as a garage.

An addition, expansion, or outdoor space remodel are perfect ways to increase square footage and blend seamlessly with your historic home.

4. Your Design Elements Need a Makeover

Doors, windows, fireplaces and woodwork features are key features that set the tone for your home’s theme and can characterize your entire interior style. If they are damaged or weathered with age, it can affect your enjoyment and appreciation of your home. The good news is they are often fixable or can be replicated using new materials when necessary.

If you’re lucky enough to have original woodwork in your historic home, we love to polish it up and make it shine again. Any missing molding can be replicated to look original to the home. Trim, paneling, spindle work, and other decorative flourishes are direct reflections of the time period your home was built in and often are made up of hand-milled and handcrafted pieces. They’re invaluable in expressing the stories your home has to tell.

When you work with historic home remodeling professionals, older windows, doors, and fireplaces can also be refreshed or replaced with new alternatives that still match the historic style. Where newer features might look good in a magazine, historic homeowners often find that they can stick out like a sore thumb in traditional architecture. Instead, give Architectural Craftsmen a call. We can discuss home remodeling ideas and design solutions that ensure your upgrades honor your home’s history.

5. You Are Facing Structural Problems

If any of your home’s key features are too far gone, don’t worry. Water damage, severe wear and tear, and other issues are inevitable when it comes to older properties. During your historic home remodeling project, our renovation specialists are pros at replicating unsalvageable elements, and will ensure your home’s history remains intact, even after an extensive foundation or structural remodel.

Choose a Home Remodeling Contractor Who Upholds Excellence In Historic Design

If you’re ready to remodel your historic home in Kansas City, we can help. We speak the design language of architectural styles and provide a meticulous and attentive renovation journey through and through. With Architectural Craftsmen, you are not just hiring a contractor; you are partnering with a team that embodies a profound respect for architectural integrity and historical value. Call today to start your journey!