Completed Old Home Renovations to Inspire Your Own Remodel

beautiful remodeled kitchen by arch craftsmen

You’re Sure to Come Away with a Few Ideas for Your Old Home Remodeling Project

When you’re thinking about remodeling your old home, there’s a lot to consider. You want to renovate your space in a way that honors your property’s architectural style, while updating it for the modern age. But figuring out how to respect the past and celebrate the present can be difficult to imagine in your head alone.

Fortunately, the internet is full of inspiration for your old home renovation, allowing you to clearly visualize what you want to accomplish. In fact, you don’t have to look far. Ideas are waiting for you in our online portfolio.

In this blog, we’re sharing some of our favorite old home renovation before and afters over the years to help put you one step closer to bringing your project vision to life.

Roanoke Old Home Renovation

In Kansas City’s Roanoke neighborhood, just north of historic Westport, stands a quintessential Tudor from 1923. When most of us think of the Tudor style, we envision a dwelling straight out of the illustrated pages of a storybook, and this property is no exception.

When our clients first contacted Architectural Craftsmen, the house included three bedrooms and one-and-a-half bathrooms. Our team worked their magic and transformed the property into a four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom home. Also included in this old home remodeling project was a complete kitchen overhaul and system updates.

The house is equipped with all the necessary amenities for modern living without sacrificing its century-old charm. It’s for this reason it won 2020 REMY Remodel of the Year in the category “Historic Home Renovation/Restoration Over $250,000” from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry.

View photos from this old home renovation.

Remodeling an Old Home in Brookside

Not far away from our Tudor transformation is an American Foursquare house in Brookside, which was built around 1920. This old home renovation called for both interior and exterior work. The homeowners desired a kitchen makeover, but they also recognized that their front porch needed to be addressed.

Prior to the remodel, walking up to the front door was a safety hazard. The steps were crumbling, and the concrete pad was riddled with dangerous cracks. Because of our team’s combined knowledge of architecture, design, and history, we were able to make the required repairs and even update the area to better reflect the home’s style. The traditional Colonial columns that flanked the porch were not only rotting, but also were covered in a stucco surface that wasn’t characteristic of the property’s architectural period. We replaced the columns, so they were both structurally sound and historically accurate.

Inside, our craftsmen remodeled the kitchen. They also opened up the wall separating the dining room from the cooking area and helped our clients reclaim their family room, as it had become a LEGO and craft space for their children. With their kids getting older, though, the third-floor bedrooms ended up being the perfect solution for relocating these activities.

Check out the stunning photos of this completed project.

Going Beyond Standard Old Home Renovations

Your old home renovation doesn’t have to be confined to the home itself. Take this carriage house turned garage and party pavilion, for example. The building was architecturally significant to our clients’ 1906 Craftsman-style home, but didn’t adequately accommodate today’s vehicles.

Our experts started by moving the driveway from the north to the south side of the home, as it was too narrow for our clients’ three cars. From here, we reimagined the carriage house as a carport that could also be used for entertaining. With exposed Douglas fir timbers, French doors leading out to the garden and additional party space, a Lidowici tile roof, and more special touches, this old home renovation is a seamless extension of the main house.

DesignKC named the project a 2023 Award Winner for its innovative, yet period-appropriate design and the unique approach Architectural Craftsmen took to honor the integrity of the detached structure.

See photos of the space.

We’re Not Like General Contractors Near You; We’re Old Home Renovation Specialists

Getting inspired to begin your old home remodeling project is one thing. Planning it is quite another. Because of their age and construction, historic properties require extra care and attention, and it’s not enough to simply hire a general contractor near you. Our old home renovation experts have the specialized knowledge and skills to make your project a success.

We believe old houses can be brought into the 21st century without losing the features that make them so unique to begin with. We work closely with our clients to ensure we accomplish their goals in a way that’s authentic and considerate of the period in which the home was built.

Discover even more old home renovation before and afters from Architectural Craftsmen by visiting “Our Work” on our website.

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