Unique Details Set Architectural Craftsmen Home Remodeling Projects Apart

custom garage remodel with reclaimed wood

Historic Home Remodeling in Kansas City Demands an Extra Level of Care and Attention

Any home remodeling contractor near you can give your property a facelift, but it takes a true expert to bring out the best in your home. The architectural design elements of a house define it, and when these are stripped away, you’re left with a canvas that lacks character and charm.

A renovation project should include special details that enhance what exists within your space. Older homes, in particular, are already filled with one-of-a-kind features, and when remodeling these properties, it’s all about figuring out how to integrate the new with the old.

At Architectural Craftsmen, we’re passionate about helping owners of historic houses complete interior and exterior updates, while still honoring their property’s period-appropriate style. Our team takes pride in seamlessly fusing the past and the present, so the next chapter of a home can be written without erasing its history.

In this blog, we’re highlighting some of the unique ways we’ve accomplished this in our previous work, plus how we can work together to make your historic home remodeling project a success.

A Promise of Renewal in Every Home Remodeling Project

Every Kansas City home remodeling project is different, but there is one noteworthy detail we try to include in each house we work on: a semi-discrete butterfly motif. With our clients’ permission, this design has made its way onto countertops, secret doors, millwork, and more.

The tradition traces back to our founders’ first historic home in Baldwin City, Kansas. While Joe Thompson worked on his architecture degree at Kansas State University, he and his wife Mary rehabbed their own 1910 Queen Anne Victorian. When Joe noticed part of the staircase tread was wearing away, he decided to add to it, rather than replace it entirely. He and Mary settled on a butterfly made from contrasting wood, because it symbolized new beginnings and the power of transformation.

To this day, we seek to share this sentiment with our clients. An old home remodeling project is an opportunity to start fresh without losing sight of what came before.

Calling Attention to Family History in a Lawrence Home Remodeling Project

Our renovation process starts with an in-person consultation, giving us the opportunity to get to know our clients and their home on a deeper level. As we kicked off a project on a 1930s property in Lawrence, Kansas, the homeowners shared their home remodeling ideas and expressed a desire to spotlight their family’s milling business in the kitchen.

hand-painted-backsplash mural

We achieved this by commissioning a hand-painted custom mural tile that featured their flour-sack logo from the early part of the century and installed it directly above the range. This created a focal point, drawing the eye in and celebrating an important piece of family history.

Red liner tiles were strategically placed around the mural tile to complement it and subtly nod to other architectural elements in the home. For instance, the wave pattern mimics the round-top doorways and the repeating sets of four squares echo the property’s multi-paned windows.

These and more features in this home remodeling project are what make it period-appropriate, while also reflecting the personalities and tastes of those who live there.

A Kansas City Home Remodeling Project Using Reclaimed Materials

As Kansas City home remodeling specialists, we love any chance to incorporate elements of local history into a design. Our garage and party pavilion project is the perfect example of this.

The owners of a 1906 American Foursquare came to us wanting to transform their property’s carriage house into car and entertainment space. The old driveway and carriage house design couldn’t accommodate modern vehicles. Our team reimagined the detached structure into a period-appropriate enclosed carport that could house all three of our clients’ cars and host unforgettable get-togethers with friends and family.

reclaimed wood accent in renovated home

The finishing touches of this home remodeling project are what make it what it is. A section of staircase railing from a now demolished 1900s hotel hangs from the ceiling, serving as a chandelier-like centerpiece.

Our clients were also replacing their home’s Ludowici tile roof with new tiles. We repurposed the best tiles, including the decorative end caps, on the garage, ensuring this original feature was preserved.

Book Architectural Craftsmen for a Historic Home Remodeling Professional Who Will Exceed Your Expectations

Our award-winning team is committed to excellence in design and craftsmanship, so your new space not only looks historically accurate, but also feels authentic. We’re not like general home remodeling contractors near you; we’re skilled professionals in historic home renovations, particularly for properties built in the 1940s and earlier. We understand how to match your project vision to your home’s architectural style for brilliant results.

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