Who We Are

A Kansas City home remodeling company, especially for distinctive homes built in the 1940s or earlier

Architectural Craftsmen is an award-winning team of designers and builders, dedicated to delivering craftsmanship that lasts and honoring your home’s architecture with livable style and modern functionality.

We understand the style language of your house, and our remodels highlight what’s special about it without taking away the history.

How Our Home Remodeling Company Got Its Start

Joe Thompson grew up on a farm, building functional structures. After attending carpentry school, he attended architecture school at K-State, where he met his wife Mary, who was studying design. The first home they rehabbed together was built in 1910 in Baldwin City, KS, while Joe finished his college degree. Together, they continued remodeling family homes and found they were motivated to maintain the integrity of these older buildings.

Today, they remodel distinctive homes in established neighborhoods, giving them modern functionality, while remaining true to the soul of the house. Their passion for classic design styles is a compelling part of their business, as they choose historic homes with intention and attention to detail.

Architectural Craftsmen team

Meet the Architectural Craftsmen Team

We are proud to have NARI Certified Professionals on our team. These certifications demonstrate we meet or exceed the highest industry standards and invest in continuing education.

Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson, Chief Field Operations

Joe has been in the construction industry his whole life. He is an expert in architectural designs of all eras, including Tudor-style homes, Craftsman houses, and other architecture styles prior to the 1940s. Joe visits every Kansas City home remodeling jobsite in his iconic 1946 Chevy panel truck and upholds our philosophy of craftsmanship that lasts.

Mary Thompson

Mary Thompson, CR, CRPM, UDCP

Co-founder of Architectural Craftsmen, Mary has satisfied all the requirements for designation as a Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM), and a Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP). Mary provides architectural design services, creates as-built drawings, new design drawings, 3-D renderings, and more, so it’s easy to imagine what the finished space will look like.

Judy Transue

Judy Transue, CRPM

Judy brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our team with over 20 years experience of owning and operating a design-build remodeling business. She has earned and maintains the Certified Remodeler (CR), Certified Remodeling Project Manager (CRPM) and Universal Design Certified Professional (UDCP) designations. Judy will ensure your home renovation goes smoothly and on time.

Robert Mossey

Robert Mossey, Superintendent

Robert manages jobsite operations and is excellent at keeping the project on schedule and managing priorities. When challenges arise, trust Robert to find a solution. He’s also a highly skilled craftsman with trim carpentry, including stair, cabinet work, and other trim details.

Elliot Kane

Elliot Kane, CLC

Elliot is a Certified Lead Carpenter, and earned this designation in just two years. He organizes tasks and materials on the project and is a detailed master craftsman. Elliot earned an Associates Degree in Historic Preservation and Restoration Technologies from The College of the Redwoods in California. His knowledge of architecture styles, plaster, trim, window repair, and cabinet and furniture building is an asset to our team.

Andrew Thompson

Andrew Thompson, Drafter & Designer

Andrew grew up around home remodeling, shadowing Joe in the field starting in childhood, so he knows his way around a jobsite. After studying computer-aided design (CAD) in school, he joined Architectural Craftsmen to work on designs and drawings for client projects.


Penny, Chief Happiness Officer

Penny, a goldendoodle, is a certified good girl in charge of bringing smiles to our team’s faces. Although she doesn’t have thumbs, Penny would totally pick up a hammer to help out if she could.

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