What Makes Our Historic Home Remodeling Experts Different?

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Transform Your Old House Into Your Dream Home with Our Historic Home Remodeling Services

Historic home remodeling is in a class all its own. Maintaining the integrity of an old house requires a careful and highly skilled hand. Even experienced renovators struggle with historic properties, because of their age, different construction methods, and code issues.

Whether you own a Craftsman-style house, a storybook Dible Tudor, or an ornate Victorian, it’s essential to partner with historic home remodeling experts. For that, you need look no further than Architectural Craftsmen. Our award-winning team’s combined knowledge of architecture, design, and history allows us to deliver gorgeous results that highlight the characteristics that make your property so special.

It’s true, you have choices for home renovations near you, but our master craftsmen are second to none and work diligently to surpass your expectations. Keep reading to learn more about our historic home remodeling company and what sets us apart.

Our Historic Home Remodeling Company Is Family-Owned

Architectural Craftsmen’s humble beginnings trace back to Baldwin City, Kansas, where founders Joe and Mary Thompson rehabbed their 1910 Queen Anne Victorian. Joe was still finishing his college degree at the time, but it was here that the couple discovered their love for blending modern functionality into period architecture. They continued renovating family homes, and as the saying goes, the rest is history.

Our family ties inspire us to treat our clients the same way. We deeply care about the homeowners we serve and work on every project as if it were our own. Our home remodeling experts listen carefully to your vision to develop a custom plan that makes it a reality.

Our Home Remodeling Experts Value Tradition

Not only is family at the heart of our historic home remodeling company, but it guides what we do to this day. Mary’s grandfather and great-grandfather, who were builders in Kansas City in the 1940s and 50s, believed bringing a broom from an old house into a new one brought bad luck with it. As a token of good luck, we present each of our clients with a new broom and dustpan emblazoned with our logo.

We have our own traditions, too. When remodeling their first home together, Joe found part of the staircase tread wearing away and used his construction background to incorporate a butterfly design, instead of replacing the entire tread. We now come up with unique ways to add an inconspicuous butterfly to nearly every project, whether it be on a countertop or secret door. To us, it serves as a welcome symbol of renewal and new beginnings.

Our Home Remodeling Experts Know Period-Appropriate Design

A Craftsman-style house is considerably different from a Tudor. Tudors are known for their steeply gabled roofs, embellished doorways, and half-timbered framework, while a covered front porch and beams that support a low-pitched, triangular roof are characteristic of a Craftsman.

Our home remodeling experts understand these architectural intricacies and offer modern solutions that don’t detract from the period in which your property was built. Your historic home serves as a sort of time capsule, and its one-of-a-kind detailing shouldn’t be overlooked, or worse, covered up. We have the knowledge and skills to help you design a home with modern amenities without taking away its character and charm.

We Take Attention to Detail to a Whole New Level

Blame it on our Midwestern roots, but a shrewd attention to detail is in our DNA. Historic home remodeling can come with a whole host of surprises, meaning the craft warrants an extra level of care.

Our home remodeling experts treat your house like a precious antique, thoughtfully considering cosmetic changes – and what’s underneath, too. Our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship ensures your home will look beautiful now and years from now. With a partner like Architectural Craftsmen, you can look forward to a renovation that’s truly built to last.

Let Our Home Remodeling Experts Bring Out the Soul of Your Historic Home

General contractors are often perplexed by historic houses and resort to removing or hiding distinctive architectural features. To allow the soul of your home to shine through, you need Architectural Craftsmen.

Our home remodeling experts are certified by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) and work on a wide range of project types and complexities, including whole-house renovations, exterior remodels, individual room updates, home additions, and more.

Interested in exploring some of our past historic home renovations near you? Scroll through our online portfolio for stunning examples of our award-winning work.

Then, schedule a complimentary consultation with our home remodeling experts. Call (913) 963-2246 today, or send us a message through our website. We can’t wait to hear all about your upcoming project!