Reclaiming Design Elements from Your Historic Home for Your Remodel

home interior with hardwood floors

Highlight the Remarkable Character of Your Historic Home in Kansas City

Historic homes have undeniable character and charm. If you happen to be the owner of one, then you know what we’re talking about. It’s likely what captivated you about the property to begin with.

That being said, historic homes often lack the creature comforts modern families seek. You may find rooms are cramped or the floor plan is inefficient and feel motivated to plan a remodel. However, just because you’re bringing your home into the 21st century doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the features that make it so special.

You can have the best of both worlds – timeless form and modern functionality. It’s all about partnering with professionals who specialize in historic home design. Remodeling experts like Architectural Craftsmen can help you preserve distinctive design elements while adding livable style.

To help you envision how we can help maintain your property’s period-appropriate architecture, we’re sharing some of our favorite reclaimed features in Kansas City historic homes. Keep reading to get inspired!

Refinished Hardwood Floors in Historic Homes

There’s nothing quite like the look of gleaming hardwood floors. Wood’s unique grain and texture adds warmth, character, and natural beauty to a room, but if your historic home’s floors look like they’ve seen better days, you may think you need to replace them.

Gouges, discoloration, and water damage can certainly be less than aesthetically pleasing. However, this can all be remedied by having your hardwood floors refinished. Professionals estimate that hardwoods can be sanded down between four and six times during their lifespan, allowing you to restore them to their original glory. By taking off just the top layer, you can reveal gorgeous, healthy boards underneath.

Don’t think you have hardwoods in your historic home in Kansas City? There’s a possibility they’re hiding under vinyl, linoleum, or carpet. If this is the case, a good clean may be all that’s needed to refresh them.

Revived Historic Home Fireplaces

Fireplaces are brilliant focal points in historic homes, once serving as essential heat sources. Although they’re not used as much as they used to be, a fireplace is a welcome addition on a cold winter day and enhances the coziness of a space.

If your fireplace or chimney breast is boarded up with modern finishes, there could be historic materials just below the surface. On the other hand, you may have visible brick or stone desperately in need of TLC. Fireplace restoration is a careful art, though, and you need the help of a professional to avoid affecting the structure’s integrity.

Should sections of your fireplace need repairs or replacements, you may have to look for extra materials. At Architectural Craftsmen, we have deep knowledge of historic home design and can locate solutions that suit the period in which your house was built.

If your original surround is too far gone, there are countless options for recreating it. Our understanding of architectural style ensures the new design looks and feels authentic.

Restored Custom Woodwork in Historic Homes

From ornate crown moldings to intricate ceiling roses, there’s no shortage of custom woodwork examples in historic homes. Whether painted or stained, these details showcase the time, skill, and passion that went into a property.

Restoring these elements is a labor of love. Features with deep scratches or fading may need to first be stripped of any finishes to be brought back to life. If you notice any missing or damaged areas, a historic home design specialist can use a mold to reshape the design or construct a new, but period-appropriate replacement from scratch.

Our master craftsmen are experts at replicating historic features, so they blend in seamlessly. Too often, general contractors remove or cover up wood detailing, causing what’s new to look out of place with what’s old. Because we’re so well versed in historic construction methods, we’re able to fashion pieces that fit right in.

Partner with Architectural Craftsmen to Update Your Historic Home in Kansas City

It’s without a doubt that most people drawn to historic homes fall in love with them because of their one-of-a-kind charm and overall elegance, but there’s a balancing act with modern convenience if they choose to own one.

Working with Architectural Craftsmen makes it easy to achieve both style and functionality. No matter if you’re planning a Tudor, Victorian, or Craftsman design and renovation, we’ll help you usher your home into the modern age without losing sight of the past. By keeping historic design elements intact, we preserve the story, while allowing you to write the next chapter of your house.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our portfolio to see past projects we’ve completed.

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