Why You Should Hire a Home Remodeling Contractor Who Specializes in Historic Properties

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From Tudor to Craftsman Home Restorations, Not All Historic Homes Are Created Equally

Nothing quite compares to owning a historic home. These classic beauties are filled with undeniable charm and offer a unique opportunity to maintain a piece of your community’s past.

Because of their age, historic properties often require renovations to meet modern building codes and make them more enjoyable places for modern living. But not just any home remodeling contractor should be tasked with such a transformation. When making updates to an older home, it’s best to seek out a team who understands how architecture, design, and history work together.

At Architectural Craftsmen – the experts in historic home remodeling in Kansas City – we pride ourselves on turning renovation dreams into reality, while still respecting the characteristics that make a property so special in the first place. By drawing on our years of experience and listening carefully to our clients’ needs, we’re able to achieve gorgeous results that bring out the soul of your home.

Keep reading to learn more about why hiring a historic home remodeling contractor like us matters.

A Historic Home Remodeling Contractor Understands the Ins-and-Outs of Period-Appropriate Design

Every old house has a distinctive architectural style – whether that’s Tudor, Victorian, Craftsman, or something else entirely. Style ultimately dictates the design elements you’ll find in a historic property, meaning your renovations should blend in as if they’ve always been there.

A Craftsman home restoration warrants a much different approach than a Victorian. The Arts and Crafts movement was all about showcasing the natural beauty of materials, while the Victorian era embraced ornamentation and flourishes reminiscent of a dollhouse.

Whatever your home’s style, it’s essential your remodeling upgrades reflect it. Renovations that aren’t period-appropriate fall short of showcasing a property’s true history.

Many standard home remodeling contractors don’t have the knowledge and skills to accomplish this and resort to covering up or removing significant design elements altogether. Fortunately, Architectural Craftsmen is well-versed in all types of residential architecture and always considers the era in which your house was built when making recommendations.

A Historic Home Remodeling Contractor Can Seamlessly Add Modern Functionality

It’s a common misconception that owning a historic home means you have to sacrifice on modern amenities. When you partner with a historic home remodeling contractor like Architectural Craftsmen, you get the best of both worlds.

We’ve mastered the art of incorporating elements that make your home more livable without taking away its history. We can outfit your bathroom with more energy-efficient plumbing fixtures, for example, but use tiles and other materials to still fit your home’s style. In the kitchen, we’ll make sure your cabinets are right for your home’s era, but can easily add organizational features to enhance storage.

It’s our belief that form and function aren’t mutually exclusive, but rather, they should work in tandem to create a place you can’t wait to come home to. Our team perfectly balances historic and modern, so your spaces both look and feel great.

A Historic Home Remodeling Contractor Doesn’t Overlook the Details

We’ve been doing historic home remodeling in Kansas City for a long time, and we know the details are where it counts. We pay close attention to every corner of your home, giving each element the care it warrants. Our master craftsmen treat your home like a precious antique, preserving and expertly renovating not only what’s on the surface, but what’s behind your walls, too.

This level of craftsmanship is rooted in our own heritage. Our co-founder Mary Thompson is a third-generation artisan. Both her grandfather and great grandfather were builders and worked with J.C. Nichols, who’s responsible for developing some of Kansas City’s most iconic architecture. She carries on their legacy and continues their traditions to this day.

When we complete any Kansas City historic home remodeling project, we present the homeowners with a broom and dustpan, featuring our logo. It’s said that bringing an old broom into a new house is bad luck; a new broom lends itself to good fortune and new possibilities. If we perform a foundation pour during the construction process, we also leave a silver dollar in the corner of the slab as a token of good luck – a practice that harkens back to antiquity.

Your One-of-a-Kind Home Deserves a One-of-a-Kind Home Remodeling Contractor

Architectural Craftsmen specializes in historic home remodeling in Kansas City for houses built in the 1940s or earlier. With our background in architecture history and an unwavering commitment to excellence, we fuse old and new in a way that celebrates your home’s authenticity.

Reach out to us to learn more about what our home remodeling contractors do – and how we can help you make your historic home, your forever home. Call (913) 963-2246 or send us a message through our website.