Hire Our Master Craftsmen for Your Historic Home Remodel This Summer

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Now Seeking Project Houses Built in the 1940s or Earlier In the Kansas City Area

You chose your historic home for its architectural features and deep history. Now that it’s time for a refresh of your most-used living spaces that just aren’t working for your family, you’re looking for passionate craftsmen to revive your home’s essence and make it resonate with your modern lifestyle. But you don’t want to take away its authenticity during the home remodeling process.

Architectural Craftsmen understands this scenario all too well. After getting our start remodeling our families’ historic homes, we began using our knowledge of and keen interest in period-appropriate architecture to help others.

Today, we serve as a resource for Kansas City homeowners seeking to transform their well-loved homes built in the 1940s and earlier. These houses have played a role in our area’s history, and with our help, they’re prepared for future generations.

This summer, you could begin the first steps in the process of remodeling your home, while keeping all the charm that made you want to buy it in the first place.

The Benefits of Starting Home Remodeling Projects in the Summer

Summer presents a unique opportunity for homeowners thinking about remodeling. The season’s extended daylight hours and generally favorable weather conditions set the stage for smooth and effective progress in construction endeavors. Partnering with Architectural Craftsmen during these months allows you to harness the full potential of summer’s natural advantages.

One of the most significant benefits of initiating your home remodeling project in summer is the minimization of delays. Weather-related setbacks are less frequent, allowing our craftsmen to adhere more closely to projected timelines and keep momentum going on your Kansas City home remodel.

Summer is also the perfect backdrop for the thorough assessment and planning phases of your project. With better visibility and more predictable weather patterns, our team can more accurately evaluate your home’s needs and tailor our approach to meet them.

During the summer, you may also experience fewer disruptions to life. You can spend more time outdoors, take a family vacation, or temporarily stay at your lake house while construction begins. This aspect is particularly appealing for those looking to maintain a sense of normalcy while their home undergoes its transformation.

Begin the process with a consultation with Architectural Craftsmen, one of the only home remodeling contractors near you that specializes in historic homes, by sending us a message online or by calling (913) 963-2246.

Uncovering and Preserving the Soul of Your Home

The essence of your historic home goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s about how connected it is to its past and embracing its unique character. With an approach deeply rooted in a respect for the unique narrative every home tells, Architectural Craftsmen plans and carries out remodels that enhance the functional, while preserving those parts that tell your home’s story.

Through a meticulous process, we identify the most important architectural details in your home, assess its features, from intricate moldings and woodwork to vintage fixtures. We then deliver distinctive home remodeling ideas during our consultation based on what we found and your wants and needs.

Although we are not performing preservation or restoration in its truest extent, we do see ourselves as custodians of history. This is why we also help you carefully choose materials and create architectural designs that are period-appropriate to your home’s era and style.

With us, you’re not just undertaking a remodeling project in the present; you’re contributing to the legacy of your home. Learn more about our process and contact us with your questions.

Custom Architectural Design Services for Every Detail

Unlike many home remodeling contractors in the area, we are not so much focused on increasing your home’s value or turning it into a blank canvas so future buyers can imagine themselves there. Although our work ultimately does make your home more valuable and appealing, our goal is to craft an environment that resonates with your personality and your home’s historic significance.

Our process is deeply collaborative; as a result, we take great care to address every aspect of your project with precision. Your vision becomes our plan, and our plan becomes your reality.

Our highly skilled team is trained in fine carpentry, architectural history, and holds other important remodeling-focused certifications, enabling us to work meticulously on custom cabinetry, period-appropriate fixtures, and all the other intricate details that go into a truly distinctive home.

Choosing Architectural Craftsmen means engaging with a team that views what we do not merely as a job, but as a craft. Each project is an opportunity for us to bring our expertise and passion to the forefront, ensuring that the uniqueness of your home is celebrated.

For home remodeling ideas and inspiration, review our extensive portfolio of award-winning work.

Make the Most of Your Summer With Architectural Craftsmen, Kansas City Home Remodeling Specialists

With Architectural Craftsmen, you are not just hiring a contractor; you are partnering with a team that embodies a profound respect for architectural integrity and historical value. Our recognition as an award-winning design and remodeling firm underscores our commitment to excellence and our unparalleled expertise in navigating the intricacies of historic renovations.

The value we bring to your project extends beyond the completion of the renovation; it is an investment in preserving the legacy of your home. Engaging Architectural Craftsmen means placing your trust in a team that treats every project with the reverence and dedication it deserves, promising a transformation that honors the past while welcoming the future.

As the warm months unfold, embrace the opportunity to rejuvenate your historic home with Architectural Craftsmen at the helm. Embarking on a remodeling project during summer not only aligns with the season’s natural benefits, but also introduces an ideal canvas for our team to work their magic. From elegant kitchen updates to comprehensive home transformations, our expertise is at your disposal, ensuring a meticulous and heartfelt renovation journey. Contact us to begin.