How Our Master Craftsmen Create Seamless Additions for Historic Homes

beautiful remodeled historic home dining area

More Than Home Remodeling Experts, Architectural Craftsmen Breathes New Life Into Older Houses

People who love their historic homes, but need extra space are faced with a difficult choice: Do you sell and invest in a larger house, or do you design and build an addition?

Then, there are the follow-up questions.

  • If I design and build an addition, who can I work with who will understand my needs and the unique aspects of my historic home?
  • How do I convey my home remodeling ideas in such a way that the new addition will meet my needs for today and in the future?
  • Will the addition blend well with my existing home, without looking out of place?

At Architectural Craftsmen, we can sufficiently answer all these questions unique to your house and work with you to create a seamless addition. Our proven processes result in award-winning home remodeling projects that preserve the soul of Kansas City-area historic homes.

Working With the Kansas City Home Remodeling Who Understands Your Distinctive Home

The first step in quelling your fears about a mismatched addition is to ensure you’re working with a team of experts in historic home design. When you have discerning taste and a preference for your home’s original architectural style, choose a home remodeling contractor near you that does, too.

Architectural Craftsmen understands the style language of your home, and we carry that over into your addition, too. The result is lasting craftsmanship that preserves the character and charm.

Our finished remodels and additions speak for themselves:

  • Featured in the Best of Houzz
  • Projects in House Beautiful magazine
  • 14 NARI REMY Awards
  • Articles in Kansas City Homes & Style magazine

Conveying Your Home Remodeling Ideas to Our Team

Our Kansas City home remodeling projects start with a complimentary on-site consultation, during which our master craftsmen get to know you and your home.

We’ll talk about your goals for your home addition, including square footage, features, and how you plan to use it. During this phase, we will begin to understand your ideas and needs for your addition by asking specific questions and listening intently to your answers.

If we agree we are a good fit for your project, we can then move into the next phase of the project, which is when home remodeling starts to get even more exciting for homeowners who choose to work with us.

Developing a Seamless Addition to Your Historic Home

The next step is to document your home’s as-built conditions. This means we create true-to-life drawings of your home as it exists in the present. We use these drawings as we design your addition so that it flows smoothly and seamlessly with your existing house structure.

Based on your home’s measurements and your wishes for your addition, we’ll come up with about two concepts for your review. Together with our master craftsmen, you can decide which is best for your needs.

We’ll then take the concepts and your feedback to develop the final design that honors your home’s past and architectural features so your addition doesn’t look out of place.

This is an exciting time for home remodeling because you’ll get to choose fixtures and finishes for your addition. Before construction begins, our master craftsmen will review plans with you. Our ultimate goal is for you to love the plans for your addition before it becomes reality.

Preserving the Past with Architecturally Appropriate Designs for the Modern Era

Most home remodeling contractors near you don’t bring a depth of experience or passion for historic home design like Architectural Craftsmen does.

Inspired by our family’s homes and a love for period-appropriate architecture, our team focuses on preserving the past while ensuring your home is functional and full of modern amenities. Our work in architectural design ensures a home addition that looks like it was original – with vintage and antique beauty melded with the conveniences of contemporary living.

During the construction phase of your addition, our team diligently brings your vision to life, including little details that are the hallmark of historic Kansas City homes. Although city permits will show that your home has a new wing or story, someone who has never visited before is likely not able to pinpoint what’s original and what isn’t. That is the ultimate goal for discerning homeowners seeking a seamless historic home addition.

Starting an Addition Project with Architectural Craftsmen

For an addition that perfectly matches your existing historic home’s architecture, request a discovery consultation with the team at Architectural Craftsmen.

Send us a message online or call (913) 963-2246 to start the process.