Which Renovations Add the Most Value to Your Kansas City Historic Home?

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Find Out Why a Historic Home Renovation Is a Strong Real Estate Investment

If you live in a home that was built prior to 1940, it is likely that your home has architectural features that speak to a particular period’s style. Your home’s design evokes the important historical events and social climate when it was designed and built. We know from our years of experience renovating historic homes that homeowners are proud of the historic nature of their homes and certainly want to continue being good stewards to them. After all, these homes are part of the rich fabric that makes up the history of Kansas City. Part of being a good steward is enhancing the value of your older home, so that you can thoroughly enjoy it in the present, and the next generation can continue treasured ownership.

As the leading home renovation contractors near you, Architectural Craftsman’s mission is to make elegant design decisions that will make your home a modern space for living and gathering with family and friends, as well as a valuable investment you can depend upon in the long run – without erasing its story.

Three Major Renovation Decisions that Add Value to Your Kansas City Historic Home

The following renovations for your historic home will add value to your home, as well as provide even greater functionality and enjoyment for the present. If you know you want to remodel your old home, but you can only select a handful of key renovations at first, these three renovations are recommended by home renovation contractors near you for how they enhance the value of your home almost immediately upon completion of the job.

To maintain accuracy, we’ve cross-referenced our unique perspective on renovation decisions with The National Association of Realtors’ 2022 Remodeling Impact analysis, while maintaining our focus on value-adds that enhance a home’s historic quality in ways that appeal to historic homeowners and homebuyers.

  1. Floor refinishing and new hardwood floors
    A historic home can likely benefit from floor refinishing if there are original hardwoods that need refreshing. Owners of historic homes often wish to preserve as much of their home’s history as possible, especially valuable flooring made of high-quality, old-growth wood. Making an investment in your home can mean maintaining the features you love and increasing their value through our signature remodeling techniques. Architectural Craftsmen, experts in remodeling old homes, can even install new hardwood floors that replicate your original floors and complement the historic architecture of your home if yours are too worn for refinishing.
  2. Basement and attic conversions to living areas
    While attics and basements were not typically considered living areas when your historic home was built, modern life – from in-home exercise, to entertainment, to the need for more privacy – has provided designers with many appealing ideas for how to convert these spaces for a variety of new purposes.

    When our remodeling experts create a vision for these spaces in collaboration with our clients, we recreate period-appropriate designs that match or complement your home’s historic nature. Each project is, of course, an individualized and highly creative pursuit with one goal in mind – to add value to your home for your current needs and for the future.

  3. Kitchen and bathroom renovation
    Kitchen and bathroom renovations that provide more functionality, modern amenities, and the right design can reinvigorate your historic home very quickly. If there are features in these rooms that hearken back to the home’s architectural history, we can preserve these, or even install new furnishings and features that echo an attractive characteristic of the home’s past.

    Even so, our historic home renovation team is always staying ahead of the latest trends, so we’re no stranger to recommending fresh ideas you’ll love, and that homebuyers down the road will find just as appealing.

Other renovations cited in the 2022 Remodeling Impact analysis include roofing, siding, and painting – and we’re no stranger to executing artful, expert remodels that include these valuable upgrades as well.

Partner with Architectural Craftsmen and Add Value to Your Historic Home in Kansas City

Architectural Craftsmen’s historic home renovations approach the process of remodeling an old home based on your lifestyle and our expertise with devising design solutions for homes from Kansas City’s storied past.

Our team of home renovation contractors near you work tirelessly on our clients’ projects – from whole-home remodels to single room renovations – to add value and heighten the experience of living in a historic home. Your updated home will include contemporary elements and customized solutions that preserve its authenticity and history.

Find out more about how our work can increase the value of your home for the present and future by sending us a message online. Or you can reach out by phone at (913) 963-2246. We look forward to hearing from you!