What Makes Our Kitchen Remodels a Blend of Modern and Historic?

Kitchen remodel

Our Home Remodeling Experts Revive Period Properties for Modern Living

Kitchens are generally some of the most complex home remodeling projects, but even more so when you throw touches of historic charm in the mix. You want a space that fully embraces the charming details you love about your home without sacrificing modern efficiency.

Traditional kitchens are often cramped, poorly laid out, and lacking updated fixtures and finishings. As the heart of your home, your kitchen should benefit you, not hinder functionality or design preferences. You deserve to have a space that works well with your lifestyle and that you actually enjoy for sharing food and conversation.

But getting the best of both worlds is no easy feat. To create an equally authentic and contemporary design, you need a home remodeling team that is passionate about preserving your piece of history while also enhancing your day-to-day comfort.

That’s our mission at Architectural Craftsmen. We balance classic and livable style to help bring out the best in your home. Keep reading to learn more about how our home remodelers craft the perfect blend for your kitchen.

Our Home Remodeling Experts Are Committed to Period-Appropriate Design

Our home remodeling specialists have deep knowledge of historic homes and their unique architecture. We specialize in those built in the 1940s and earlier, in particular, and we’re dedicated to honoring their distinctive characteristics.

It all started with our owners, Joe and Mary Thompson, who met at K-State while studying architecture and design, respectively. Together, they discovered a love for maintaining the integrity of old houses while rehabbing their first home constructed in 1910 in Baldwin City, Kansas.

Their passion laid the foundation for our vision, and every member of our team is well-versed in period-appropriate design. The clean lines and rich wood cabinetry of a Craftsman kitchen are quite different from the ornate cornicing and pilasters of a Victorian. We have a strong understanding of the design elements that fit the era in which your home was built and are able to develop a home remodeling plan that stays true to your architectural style for a cohesive and timeless appeal.

We Cherish the Details of Your Design Throughout the Home Remodeling Process

The details of your home are what make it so special. From impressive arched doorways to exposed brickwork, it’s defining features like these that set it apart. Covering them up or having them removed erases your home’s individual character and history. Not to mention, once gone, details are some of the hardest to replace.

After years in the historic home remodeling industry, we’re still captivated by old houses and how no one space is quite like another. Each is as one-of-a-kind as the memories that fill it.

At Architectural Craftsmen, we pay extra attention to the details of your kitchen – and any other part of your house we’re working on. Owning a historic home is a lot like owning any sort of antique – it must be handled with care. Our team has the tools and talent to achieve brilliant results that bring out the soul of your home and the characteristics that make it truly remarkable.

Your Historic Home Remodeling Project Can Still Have Modern Functionality

In this day and age, your kitchen has to be both beautiful and practical. But most historic kitchens don’t have modern amenities that complement daily living, making it a challenge to easily accomplish standard household tasks.

Our historic home remodelers can bring your kitchen into the 21st century without compromising on old-world charm. Whether you’re wanting added storage to declutter your countertops or a more open space for entertaining, we can successfully realize your vision while keeping your home’s uniqueness at the forefront of the design.

By incorporating modern functionality in a high-traffic area like your kitchen, you can better enjoy your historic home and look forward to all the modern conveniences you’ve come to expect.

Trust the Professionals at Architectural Craftsmen for Historic Home Remodeling Near You

Most general home remodeling businesses don’t have the skills and experience to properly take care of a historic home. Too often, charming details are built over or ripped out in the name of contemporary style. And that’s mainly because modern builders and designers simply don’t know how to use these features to their advantage.

We’ve set out to educate Kansas City homeowners that it’s possible to combine history with modern comforts. We help our clients remodel their homes with the next generation in mind without losing sight of the past. Our commitment to excellence and quality craftsmanship ensures a lasting design that will never grow old.

Interested in working with us on a kitchen remodel or another historic home renovation? Learn more about how we can help by calling (913) 963-2246 or sending us a message online. We can’t wait to hear all about your home remodeling project!