Project Highlight: Modern Farmhouse Renovation

Modern Farmhouse - Interior

Discover How Our Home Remodeling Contractors Revived a Modern Farmhouse’s Craftsman Origins

Welcome back to Architectural Craftsmen’s “project highlight” series, where we showcase our favorite success stories and the endless possibilities for historic home renovations. Our home remodeling contractors are passionate about updating period properties for modern functionality while preserving all their unique characteristics and charming details. Through master craftsmanship and our commitment to excellence, we bring out the elements that make your historic home so special, rather than erasing them.

Last month, we highlighted how we took a simple carport idea and transformed it into a garage party pavilion that exceeded our client’s expectations. Now, we’re taking a complete 180 and featuring a modern farmhouse renovation we still can’t get enough of.

If you’re a lover of Craftsman architecture, this one’s for you. Plus, you may just find all the inspiration you need for your own modern farmhouse remodel.

Phase 1: How It All Started for Our Modern Farmhouse Renovation

When our clients bought their home in 2020, it lacked many details typically found in a custom home of its stature. Their beautiful farmhouse-style property, complete with a wraparound porch, was built in 1999 – a more modern home remodeling project for us – but the scale of certain features and the materials used were ill-suited in the space.

When our clients came to us for help, they had a long list of must-have upgrades, which included:

  • Updating the trim throughout the house to better fit the room sizes.
  • Laying down new flooring for a more traditional look.
  • Reworking the master suite and adjacent storage closet, plus updating all the finishings.
  • Remodeling the kitchen to achieve a more classic design, rather than rustic.
  • Finishing the basement for use as an entertainment, hangout, and fitness space.

We had our work cut out for us, but our team of home remodeling contractors was up to the challenge! With our combined expertise in architecture, design, and history, we knew we could make our clients’ dreams a reality.

Phase 2: Our Custom Approach to this Modern Farmhouse Renovation

Like we do with every project, we worked closely with our clients to determine what was working about their spaces and what wasn’t, while also getting to know their design likes and dislikes. To bring their vision to life, our focus needed to be on classic Craftsman style.

So we got down to business and began by removing the home’s disproportionate door and window trim. The 2 ¼-inch, builder-grade Colonial casing appeared small and insignificant throughout the main floor’s large rooms with 10-inch ceilings. We installed new, thicker Craftsman-style trim that helped elevate the home’s style and was better suited to the space.

The home’s original floors were constructed from a “hand-hewn,” knotty pine that looked far too rustic. When we arrived, many of the boards were also cupped and bowed in places, and the finish had even started to flake off. It was time for an update, but one that was more traditional.

Together with the homeowners, we decided on a 5-inch quarter-sawn white oak that would be long-lasting, durable, and easy to clean in a household with rambunctious teens. This was installed all throughout the home for flawless continuity.

Through hard work, dedication, and some elbow grease, we were not only able to refresh these defining details, but also the master suite, kitchen, living room, dining room, and much more for a cohesive ode to Craftsman style.

Phase 3: The Innovative Ways Our Home Remodeling Contractors Overcame Challenges

All historic home renovations have one thing in common: They come with their own unique set of challenges. And our modern farmhouse remodel was no exception.
However, with years of experience in this field, our home remodeling contractors have learned how to expertly pivot. Here are some of the challenges we experienced during this project – and how we met them head on:

  1. The Master Bedroom Layout Dilemma: In the master bedroom, three of the four walls included full-length windows and exterior French doors. This left only one place for the bed – right next to the entry, which was a less than ideal place for rest and relaxation. What’s more, our clients had to walk all the way around the bed just to get to the bathroom, practically getting in their daily steps just to get ready.How We Solved It: In collaboration with the homeowners, our team drew up a plan to fill in one of the windows, so the bed could be placed on another wall. This allowed for more privacy (the bed is no longer visible from the hallway to the master suite) and ultimately better traffic flow.
  2. An Unappealing Master Bathroom: The master bathroom included a small, dark walk-in shower that attracted mildew and a tub that was difficult to get in and out of. There was nothing special about this space – no spa-like retreat for our clients to come home to. On top of that, the wall cabinets made it feel more like a gym locker room than a master bath.How We Solved It: We gave our clients the oasis they deserved, creating a bright and open space where light pours through the window leading to their private backyard. A glass enclosed shower features a warm wooden teak bench and proper ventilation that leaves no room for mildew. The pedestal tub is the perfect spot to unwind and let the stress melt away after a long day.
  3. Not Another White Kitchen: The kitchen’s large-scaled cabinets reaching up to the ceiling were painted white to lighten the space and complement the classic design. However, we didn’t want to create just your everyday, plain white kitchen. It needed contrast.How We Solved It: To do this, we looked to the extended island, which we designed out of walnut with a clear finish. This added visual warmth and helped ground the room. We tied it all together with a dark island top that nodded to the color used on the updated fireplace surrounds in the dining room and master bedroom.
  4. A Basement Workaround: The basement was a blank canvas, and the possibilities for finishing the space seemed endless. But there were a number of posts, beams, and chases to work around.How We Solved It: Our craftsman masterminds walled problem areas with ease, and the finished basement features a game space – complete with billiards, ping pong, a poker table, comfy couch, and kitchenette – as well as a gym and bathroom for post-workout showers.

Other Noteworthy Successes from Our Modern Farmhouse Renovation

There was so much to love about this project that went beyond the main rooms of the house. At Architectural Craftsmen, we believe the details are what make a home so special and always take extra care to ensure the elements and areas that are often overlooked get the attention they deserve.

Check out some of our other favorite parts of our modern farmhouse renovation:

  • We could spend all day in the master closet alone, accessible directly through the master bathroom. The space features a stunning chandelier, quartz-topped cabinetry, and soft white walls and shelves, which offers plenty of storage for his and her clothing, shoes, and accessories.
  • By borrowing additional space from an adjacent storage room, we transformed a normal hallway into a delightful beverage bar that’s fully equipped with a wine cooler, beverage refrigerator, ice maker, bar sink, and trash and recycling pull-out. Glass doors hang from the wall cabinets, allowing bottles and glasses to be on display, and a deep walnut countertop accommodates the coffee maker while leaving an ample amount of serving space.
  • Before we got ahold of it, the pantry was nothing more than a closet with shelving and closed off by a wood barn door that had been stained and whitewashed. To keep it classic, we swapped out the barn door for double two-panel doors and trim that matched the rest of the house. The addition of base cabinets keeps seldom-used appliances and wares out of sight, while the open shelving up top gives our clients a clear picture of what’s stocked.
  • With easy access from the backyard, an old closet was better used as a bathroom. Our home remodeling contractors reimagined the space into an all-new, elegant powder room.

Learn How Architectural Craftsman Can Help Bring Your Historic Home Renovation to Life

We brought out the soul of our client’s home through this modern farmhouse remodel, taking it back to its Craftsman roots without compromising on authentic design. And we can do the same for you, too!

Historic home renovations are our specialty. Whether you own a Craftsman-style home yourself, or a Tudor, Victorian, American Foursquare, or something else, we’ve laid a foundation to preserve classic architecture for future generations. Your home is one-of-a-kind and should be treated as such. You can count on Architectural Craftsmen to provide innovative, forward-thinking solutions for your remodel without compromising your home’s important history.

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