Discover the Craftsman-Style Home and What Makes It Unique

a craftsmen style, small home with sage green siding

A Knowledgeable Home Renovation Company Maintains a Home’s Character Without Sacrificing Modern Functionality

The 20th century brought about the American Craftsman movement, including interior design, architecture, and decorative arts, between 1900 and 1929. A response to elaborate Victorian architecture and design, Craftsman-style homes prioritized natural materials and hand-craftsmanship over intricate ornament.

Inspired by the British Arts and Crafts movement, the Craftsman home gained popularity predominantly in the Midwest and on the West Coast, and was propelled to commonplace status by American furniture designer Gustav Stickley and his monthly magazine called “The Craftsman.”

Today, these houses are beloved for their appeal as family homes and their focus on expert craftsmanship.

Key Hallmarks of Craftsman-Style Houses

Craftsman-style homes tend to be small or medium-sized single-family dwellings designed simply and modestly, at one or one-and-a-half stories tall. They tend to lean more toward architectural styles like bungalows or mid-century modern in the style of Frank Lloyd Wright, although not every bungalow is a Craftsman, and vice versa.

Craftsman-style homes have low-pitched roofs with overhanging eaves and protruding single or double gables. Wide front porches with thick, tapered columns, and exposed beams or brackets on the exterior are common features across all sub-styles.

The siding tends to be painted wood – especially cedar shake shingles – and can include stone or stucco accents. Large bay or picture windows – and sometimes sash windows with stained glass – and rafter tails also were common. Craftsman-style houses are either symmetrical or asymmetrical when viewed from the front – there is no specific requirement.

The woodwork, particularly joinery in the rafters, is a hallmark that showcases the skills of master craftsmen who designed and built them. As such, expect exposed beams throughout, extending from the exterior to the interior.

Interior Design of the Craftsman-Style House

Timeless aesthetics make the craftsman home continuously popular. A focus on craftsmanship and functionality still required attention to detail to design and produce, yet are simple in shape and line. However, these vintage abodes are not devoid of character like today’s ultra-modern craftsman homes; rather, they are meant to be cozy and warm, featuring distinct rooms, with fireplaces as central features of the living or dining spaces.

The typical craftsman-style home features extensive woodwork, including thick framed windows and doors, built-in shelves, beamed ceilings, and custom millwork. Wood is typically stained medium to dark.

Where to Find Craftsman Homes in Kansas City

In the Kansas City area, you’re likely to find craftsman-style houses sprinkled throughout neighborhoods like Waldo, Volker, Ward Parkway, and Hyde Park.

However, you’re likely to see them in any neighborhood created in the early 20th century, including in more rural communities surrounding the metro.

Considerations for Home Remodels

If you own a house and plan to hire a home renovation company to transform it into a more modern living space, there are a few things you must think about.

You will need to accept that after an era-appropriate renovation, your craftsman home may still feel somewhat dark compared to contemporary homes. However, this can be remedied by lightening the original woodwork – never by painting it – and using neutral paint shades on the walls, such as white or beige. Cooler colors – such as blues – can also help timeless wood trim look more modern.

Homeowners must also choose master craftsmen who can maintain their house’s original character, never compromising on its style, while injecting a sense of modern functionality into the most important rooms, especially the kitchen. A general home remodeling contractor is not likely to understand the nuances or design decisions made in your vintage home.

If you’ve made it your mission to preserve your home’s illustrious history and character, then you need to partner with a home renovation company who understands homes built in the 1940s and earlier.

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