What Can an Architectural Craftsmen Home Remodel Include?

a renovated, historic kitchen in the tudor style

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Because not every home remodeling company is created equally, it’s hard to know what services they offer without spending hours on their website or calling to ask someone directly.

Some companies specialize solely in kitchens and bathrooms, while still others dedicate their skills to exteriors.

But when it comes to historic home renovations near you, you don’t want to piecemeal your home remodelers. Instead, you want to partner with master craftsmen who can take care of remodeling every aspect of your home, inside and out. You’ll find that at Architectural Craftsmen, an Overland Park-based remodeling company specializing in homes built in the 1940s and earlier.

Let’s review our service lines together and learn why you want a single company to take care of updating your home’s functionality while paying homage to its history.

One Home Remodeling Company Creates a Cohesive Look

The foremost reason you should hire just one company for a whole-home remodel is perhaps most obvious when you consider the levels of craftsmanship and available building materials. You don’t want your kitchen to be lovingly designed with custom cabinetry, while your living room features poorly-installed trim and flooring.

And you don’t want half your house to be remodeled by master craftsmen who understand your home’s architecture and style, with the other half completed by a company with no regard for the story of your Tudor or craftsman-style house.

When one historic home remodeling company in Kansas City completes all the work on your house, you get a cohesive look that works together seamlessly, the way the original architect intended.

Historic Home Remodeling Services

Architectural Craftsmen is well-known for our high level of craftsmanship and the ability to bring a home into the current century, while maintaining its integrity and history. And we’re able to do that with every aspect of your Kansas City house.

Our team offers:

  • Kitchen remodels, including solid wood cabinetry; period-appropriate flooring materials; woodworking inspired by the original style; and appliances that blend seamlessly into the design.
  • Bathroom remodels for the way your family lives, including upgrading to a fully tiled shower stall or large soaker tub using materials and designs similar to what would have been used when your home was first built.
  • Home additions that match your house’s original style and flair. Why move when you can add space to the home you love?
  • Custom era-appropriate trim work that matches what’s already in your home. As historic homes age, things like wooden trim can sustain damage from kids, pets, attempts at renovation, water damage, and more. To ensure your new trim matches the preserved, our master craftsmen can craft and install new pieces for a perfect integration. The goal is that no one will ever know it’s a new trim board once your home remodel is complete..
  • Full exterior remodels ensure the outside of your home maintains its character. Our exterior remodels include siding, roofing, gutters, and more, for homes in the Tudor revival, Georgian, colonial, American foursquare, Victorian, and craftsmen styles.

Why Choose Architectural Craftsmen for Your Home Remodel

Your older home – especially if it was built in the 1940s or earlier – has a long history. A remodel should highlight what makes it special, not erase it. Partnering with experts in historic home renovation near you means you can preserve the character, but still get the gorgeous results you’d expect.

It goes without saying that older homes need special care during the remodeling process. Because that process is often deeper than simple cosmetic updates, you need NARI-certified master craftsmen like us to make repairs as we polish it back up to its former architecturally- relevant beauty.

You simply don’t get that with every home remodeling company in Kansas City, and that’s OK. But when you want historically appropriate results blended with the modern functionality you and your family need, then you must call Architectural Craftsmen.

Meet with Our Team to Learn More

With something as unique as a historic home remodel, you’ll need to meet with our team to learn more about our processes and to get an estimate based on your expectations of the type of work you’re looking for.

Our team will visit your Kansas City-area home and sit down with you to talk about your goals. Then, we’ll write up a plan for how we’d go about renewing the life of your older home.

To get started, call us at (913) 963-2246, email us, or send us a message via our website.