These Special Touches Set Architectural Craftsmen Apart from Other Historic Home Remodeling Contractors in Kansas City

the architectural craftsmen team posed in front of their panel van and a historic home

See Why Area Residents Hire Us to Remodel Their Tudor, Colonial, and Craftsman-Style Houses, and More

When it’s time to remodel your historic home in Kansas City, you want to choose a home remodeling contractor that stands out as the best at what they do. To identify them, you’ll look at their past projects and awards.

But if you want the best contractor that strives to make your experience special, then you’ll need to look no further than Architectural Craftsmen, based in Overland Park, and serving homeowners in historic Kansas City area neighborhoods, like Roanoke, Brookside, Ward Estates, Volker, Waldo, Old Leawood, the Plaza, and more.

Aside from winning a bevy of REMY Awards from the National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI), and holding a variety of certifications from them, Architectural Craftsmen makes every remodeling project special with our extra touches starting from the moment you consult with us.

A Family-Owned Home Renovation Company in Kansas City

Not only is Architectural Craftsmen a family-owned and operated business, but we got our start remodeling our own family’s historic homes in rural Kansas.

We honed our craftsmanship and took pride in the work we did, which still stands as a testament to what you can expect from us in your own home.

Our standards are high because we know what it’s like to live in and remodel a home full of history and family memories. You want to retain the story of your home and keep its character, but bring it into the modern era in terms of functionality.

A Sense of Tradition

When Architectural Craftsmen completes a big home renovation in Kansas City, we present the homeowner with a fresh, new broom and dustpan, emblazoned with our logo. It’s one way we carry on the tradition that our grandfather did as a homebuilder in the 1940s and 1950s – yes, our career is a legacy, too!

Our grandfather said that if you bring an old broom from the old house into a new one, it carries bad luck with it. A new broom offers new possibilities and good luck.

A Panel Truck That Fully Represents the Ideals We Hold As a Home Renovation Company

When we say we value historic things, we mean it. And it’s not just houses that are our passion.

That’s why one of our company cars is a 1946 Chevy panel truck. It represents our dedication as a historic home remodeling contractor to protecting and restoring history – and respecting the original design and the meaning behind why it was done that way.

We’ve lovingly restored our truck, and you can spot us driving around the historic neighborhoods of Kansas City as we visit our clients’ homes to learn more about their home remodeling goals and dreams.

Our Midwestern Philosophy on Doing a Job Right

Without a doubt, remodeling historic homes comes with surprises. Advanced age, different construction practices, and updated codes mean we find things to repair as we remodel on everything from a Victorian to a craftsman-style house. But we expect it and make sure everything is repaired the correct way, to retain the integrity of the home and prevent future issues.

Is this philosophy part of our Midwestern work ethic? Maybe. But we also think it’s proof of our passion for historic homes built in the 1940s and earlier.

Our Team of Master Craftsmen Are Ready to Transform Your Old House

If you’re looking for a home remodeling contractor with deep knowledge of historic homes and their architecture that will pay homage to your house’s origin story and family memories, then you don’t want to hire just anyone. You’ll need to work with a home renovation company that specializes in historic homes – and that’s Architectural Craftsmen through and through.

Not only do we bring our own special touch to everything we do, but we work with homeowners to help their dreams come true: a functional, but respectfully-updated kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms that reflect the period-appropriate styles, without compromising on modern amenities for daily living in the Kansas City area.

If you’re ready to remodel your home, whether it’s just one important room or inside and out, your first step is contacting us to request a home visit and estimate.

Need inspiration? Browse our past projects to see the beauty we’ve created in the past, and take a look at our awards, which include several NARIs for Remodel of the Year for Historic Renovations/Restorations over $250,000 and more for multiple years.

We can’t wait to hear from you and swing by in our panel truck!