Lawrence House

The Lawrence House has deep connections with Architectural Craftsmen. Thirty years ago, we worked on the owners’ parents’ stone American Craftsmen home. In fact, this project sits on the same family property and was built in the 1930s in partnership with the owner’s grandfather and locally renowned architect Edward Tanner.

Not just any home remodeler would do. The owner was committed to the home’s legacy and sought to update it while preserving its sentimentality.

The client wanted an updated kitchen, a roof over the grilling porch, new exterior storm windows with shutters, new awnings over the walkout basement doors, and to fully repaint the exterior.

Architectural Craftsmen drew inspiration from existing architectural elements from the home and the time period when it was built – the 1930s. In the kitchen, this included period-appropriate liner tiles, an apron-front kitchen sink, retro-looking appliances from The Big Chill, and cabinet detailing and hardware. The custom mural tile was hand-painted and fired with the design from the family’s milling business in the early part of the 20th century.

Round doorways, multi-lite windows, and replicated millwork detail from the front door to the kitchen were inspired by existing design details.

Outside, the onion-shaped corbels served as an exterior accent that complemented existing materials, like the copper roof and gutters. The client wanted authentic, but personalized elements in their home, especially for the new windows, which feature narrow muntins and authentic hardware. The coordinating shutters were built with authentic hinges and shutter dogs so that they are fully functional, not just decorative.

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